Jan 092013
Firefox 18 released, added support for Retina Display with faster JavaScript Performance

Yet another Release for Mozilla Firefox announced officially Firefox 18 on Tuesday for Windows , Mac, Linux and Android’s smartphone version. Mozilla Firefox 18 added support for  Retina Display on OS X 10.7 and up with Faster JavaScript performance via IonMonkey compiler and search suggestion for Android’s Firefox mobile. In this release, Mozilla introduces new […]

Mar 142012
Download Mozilla Firefox 11 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Today Mozilla has released stable latest version of their popular product, Mozilla Firefox 11.  Mozilla Firefox 11 added  various new and improved features including Add-on Sync, Chrome Migration, redesigned media controls, 3D inspector, SPDY protocol and many more. Firefox 11 allows Developers to live edit CSS code with new tools that represent the structure of […]

Apr 152009
Download Microsoft Office 2008 for MAC

Microsoft has released 30-day Fully functional Trial Version of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac that can be converted to full version at any time. Here’s how: 1 Download and install Office 2008 for Mac Trial Edition. 2 Activate your trial software with a free trial product key sent to your email. 3 Use Office 2008 […]

Nov 172008
Microsoft: Mac, Linux systems can access Office Web

Microsoft clarified this week that the upcoming Office Web — a lightweight version of its Office suite that runs as an online service — will be available to users running Mac OS X and Linux, as well as from Apple’s iPhone. In a post to the Microsoft-run Channel 10 blog, someone identified as Sarah Perez […]