Tell a friend widget for your blog / website


Free Tell a Friend is a free service to allow your visitors to share your website with their friends. The idea is simple; you place a ‘tell a friend’ button on your website, and when your visitor decides to tell their friend about your website, they click this button which then presents them with a straightforward form to e-mail their friends.

The great addition to FreeTellaFriend is your visitor can enter their e-mail username and password  and system will automatically retrieve their contact list. Thereafter they can choose who to e-mail the website to. If one user decides to e-mail all their contacts, your website will be exposed to over 50 friends (on average).

They support all major E-mail  Providers :

  • MSN Hotmail
  • Windows Live
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Gmail (Google Mail)
  • AOL Mail
  • Lycos Mail

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