Dec 212011
Get a free .org Domain on purchase of each .com Domain from Namecheap

When it comes to customer relationship, Namecheap thrive on making their customers happy. This holiday Santa Namecheap has bag up with lots of free Gifts for their customers in terms of domain etc. Today Namecheap has  announced a limited time offer that for every new purchase of .com domain you will be getting a free  […]

Sep 042011
Blogger introduces fresh new look

Since few months, you might begin noticing that things look different across Google products. This time Google has makeover its Free blog service provider called Blogger. Blogger has rolled out some cool new stuff this week. If you have a Blogger blog, here are a couple of changes you’ll notice: You can Create or Edit […]

Feb 052011
Bing Box functionality will be shutting down on 4th April 2011

The Bing Developer team recently announced that the "Bing Box" functionality on will be discontinued on April 4, 2011.  From 4th April 2011, Websites attempting to use search box will be redirected to a 404 page. That means websites interested in receiving web or site search results from Bing,  need to be switch to […]

Jan 142011
Microsoft WebMatrix V1 Released

Today, Microsoft has released most awaited version 1.0 of its free web platform product Microsoft WebMatrix . Microsoft Webmatrix is a new web development tool that makes easy for anyone to create a new web site using a template or an existing free open source application, customize it by editing your files, managing your database […]

Jan 142010
Microsoft Search Engine Optimization Toolkit for website released

Microsoft has released free Search Engine Optimization Toolkit or SEO Toolkit for your websites. The free SEO Toolkit analyzer helps you increase traffic and visitors to your site, and as a result can increase the revenue you directly or indirectly make through your website. In addition, the Site Analysis module can be used to discover […]

Jan 132010
Get free check up for your website by Google India Clinic

The Search Quality team at Google is very excited to bring you a clinic for your website right here on the Google India blog. That means Google India Clinic will analyze your submitted websites to the clinic. The plan is to offer constructive advice on accessibility and improvements that can lead to better visibility for […]

Jun 092009
Download IIS SEO Toolkit beta

The IIS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit helps Web developers, hosting providers, and server administrators improve their sites’ relevance in search results by recommending how to make them more search engine-friendly. The IIS SEO Toolkit includes the Site Analysis module, the Robots Exclusion module, and the Sitemaps and Site Indexes module, which let you perform […]