Publish your Presentation as Read-Only

As a precaution to prevent readers and reviews from making accidental changes, you can use the Mark as Final command (New!) to make a PowerPoint 2007 presentation read-only. The Mark as Final command disables or turns off typing, editing commands, and proofing marks, and sets the Status property field in the Document Information Panel to Final. The Mark as Final command is not a security option; it only prevents changes to the presentation while it’s turned on and it can be turned off by anyone at any time.

Mark a Presentation as Final

1) Click the Office button, point to Prepare, and then click Mark as Final.

2) Click OK, and then click OK again, if necessary.

The presentation is marked as final and then saved.

3) If necessary, click OK and verify your Right Management account credentials using your .NET password.

The Mark as Final icon appears in the Status bar to indicate the presentation is currently marked as final.


A PowerPoint 2007 presentation marked as final is not read-only when opened in an earlier version of Microsoft PowerPoint.