Adding Password Protection to a Presentation

You can assign a password and other security options so that only those who know the password can open the presentation, or to protect the integrity of your presentation as it moves from person to person. At times, you will want the information to be used but not changed; at other times, you will want only specific people to be able to view the presentation. Setting a presentation as read-only is useful when you want a presentation, such as a company-wide bulletin, to be distributed and read, but not changed. Password protection takes effect the next time you open the presentation.

Add Password Protection to a Presentation

  1. Open the presentation you want to protect
  2. Click the Office button, and then click Save As
  3. Click Tools, and then click General Options
  4. Type a password in the Password To Open box (encrypted) or the Password To Modify box (not encrypted).
  5. Select or clear the Remove automatically created personal information from this file on save check box
  6. Click OK
  7. Type your password again
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Save, and then click Yes to replace existing presentation.