My Networking & Hacking Day @ MumbaiITPro

Today  09th May, 2009, i have enjoyed an another TechDay with Mumbai IT Pro. This time the event topic was on “ Networking Security & Hacking “ organised at Microsoft Corporation Office, Mumbai.

With the location i was very happy, as it was a first visit to Microsoft Office for me. Being a Core Team member of Mumbai IT Pro,  I was there around 1.30 PM. I enter the building, shifted to 4th floor of building via lift. At the receptionist counter i have to fill up my details , they provided a special Microsoft Visitor ID card. So finally, now I am a Microsoft Visitor.


Today Ashwin Kini, the Regional Chairman APAC, Culminis and UG Lead of MumbaiITPro user group, was delayed as was busy with sending some Culminis logistics for TechEd, so it was the core team members responsibility  to handle the event. Brijesh, Ankit and Cyril ( core team members of Mumbai IT Pro ) were already present there, configuring the Live meeting client as this event was also available for online user through Microsoft Live Meeting client. In between, Manan, community member of Windows Vista Help Forum, was caught by the Security gaurds, as he  first wrote to Meet Ashwin and then strike it out and wrote Bill Gates under “ whom to meet “.

Finally event started around 3.15 PM. There were total 2 back to back session related to Networking security and Hacking. This time I was not going to present anything, as i was quite busy with my Examinations.

Event started with a Welcome note & short info about Mumbai IT Pro user group by Hardik Shah. He has also conducted a small concept related to Networking.

After that, the first session was about Network Communication  conducted by Sandesh Jadhav, sr.Network Consultant in well known IT firm. He explained about the role of networking ( DATA & VOICE)  in various domains and also about the devices used for the Networking.


After this lengthy presentation, it was  a time for having 15 min Tea break. The tea Cup was looking awesome with Microsoft trademark. So thought to have some photo shoot with it.


After that sweet Tea break, finally Ashwin was able to join us at event. Ashwin discussed about the TechEd event, Community involvement at TechEd, post TechEd activities coming up for the communities.

Another session was on Hacking and Virus conducted by Nishant Ravle, currently working with well known Telecom company of India as Technical Associate. He explained about Hacking & Viruses, The Black side of Technology,  Impact of Viruses , Methods to prevent them, Working of Virus.


After Nishant session, it was a time for some extra activities. As Mumbai IT Pro not only encourage volunteer recognition but also support any member interested in presenting and sharing knowledge and improve their personal skills. Using this opportunity, my classmate Kunal Gaikwad has taken step forward and explained about Windows Security Development Life cycle.


After this short excellent presentation, Hardik and Aviraj given some tips related to Windows User account Hacking, i will write about it too but later. With this small trick, the event come to an ends. And overall the event was well-attended and received positive response. It was an great experience.

Post event, we had a volunteers meeting where Ashwin shared the fall backs and scope of improvement which was very much informative.