Instagram Down!

Instagram is down

Saturday early morning Facebook owned  Instagram went down for almost two hours. This caused panic among aspiring food photographers.

When Instagram went down,  when you tried loading an Instagram photo on a desktop computer, you got a “504 Gateway Time-out.” When you tried to load the homepage, you were given a screen with — ironically enough for Instagram — a broken image link. It was accompanied by this message:

“Sorry, we couldn’t complete your request. Our team has been notified and will investigate as soon as possible.”

Later in the morning, that was replaced by yet another error message.

In the iPhone app, the home screen wouldn’t update, trying to load some other pages delivered a “couldn’t refresh feed” message and trying to pull up favorites delivered the same message as the website.

Instagram tweeted that the service was down to what it termed “a feed delivery issue,” but later deleted their tweet.

Some Intresting tweets found when Instagram was down.

  • @MalavKarkar : Instagram is down? What am I supposed to do with my food? Eat It?
  • @TheTweetOfGod: The question is not “Why is Instagram no working?” , but “Why does the world need another picture of you?”
  • @therealkimj : Every narcissts nightmare has come true.