Apr 132014
Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Available

On Friday 11th April 2014 Samsung Galaxy S5 went on sale worldwide in 125 countries including Middle East, America Europe and India. Inorder to increase the sales product, Samsung is now offering limited edition free subscriptions to various premium services, paid apps and cloud storage accounts. Galaxy S5 has free apps for cloud services, news […]

Mar 132010
Microsoft Silverlight Client for Facebook Developer Preview

Microsoft Silverlight client for Facebook is a cool way to explore your Facebook account. The Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook has been released few months ago as a developer preview sample.  In order to use it you must have Silverlight 4 developer builds installed.

Jan 142010
Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)

With the rapid increments  in use of  Application Softwares, the Attacks are also increased that poses a significant threat to your information. A poorly developed application can open your system to attacks. So, the SDL Network was created by Microsoft to reduce software maintenance costs by increasing reliability of softwares and  to address the challenges […]

Nov 242009
Microsoft Office Timeline Since 1983

Let’s Explore Microsoft Office Since 1983 Source : Microsoft Presspass   1983 September: The first version of Microsoft Word 1.0 for MS-DOS is released. It becomes the first word processor to make extensive use of the computer mouse. 1985 January: Microsoft Word 1.0 for Macintosh and Word 2.0 for DOS are released. September: Microsoft Excel […]

Sep 302009
Launch of new mobile & LCD Tv\'s categories on consumermate.com!

Previously, we have blogged about Consumermate.com, online stores for technology gadgets including laptops, mobile phones and LCD/Plasma TVs. Now on consumermate.com, new categories have been added and you can get the best deals for Mobile Phones, LCD TV’s as well as laptops. You can also get information about the latest deals and new launches in […]

Samsung Laptop NC 10 Review

 Posted by on 29/06/2009  Laptop, Reviews
Jun 292009
Samsung Laptop NC 10 Review

The New Samsung NC10 is one of the interesting choices for the Netbooks. With Samsung NC10, now you can do even more on the move. It stands in market with the few couple of plus points including a good screen, great battery life, and keys sized appropriately for human hands. This netbook can keep your […]