Microsoft improves Voice recognitions on Windows Phone devices

Microsoft has improved the Bing Voice Recognitions capabilities available on Windows Phone devices, providing more faster result with better accuracy of voice to text and voice search.

Over past few week Microsoft has rolling out updates to Windows Phone consumers, to improve the Voice Recognitions on Windows Phone more accurate and twice as fast. So, after installing this update, when you compose a message or perform search using your voice, Bing will return hasty result with improved accuracy by 15 percent.

Bing Speech DNN

These improvements are the results of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), contributed by Microsoft Research and engineers from the Bing Speech team. DNN is a computational framework for automatic pattern recognition that is more inspired by the functioning of neurons in Human brain.

“By coupling MSR’s major research breakthroughs in the use of DNNs with the large datasets provided by Bing’s massive index, the DNNs were able to learn more quickly and help Bing voice capabilities get noticeably closer to the way humans recognize speech. We also made a few improvements under the hood that allowed Bing to more easily identify speech patterns and cut through ambient and background noise – cutting down response time by half and improving the word error rate by 15 percent, even in noisy situations.” – The Bing Speech Team

The new, improved Bing Voice Search represents yet another enhancement in the user experience customers can enjoy with a combination of Windows Phone 8 and Bing technologies.