Accept credit card, Debit cards and checks anywhere with ‘PayPal Here’

Today at San Francisco, Pay Pal has announced ‘PayPal Here’, a solution for small business owner to accept payment almost in any form of payment. A free App with encrypted Thumb sized card reader could be used with iPhone or Android smartphone to accept Debit cards, Credit cards, check ,PayPal.


How IT Works

‘PayPal Here’ is mobile payment solution that includes a Free app and a Encrypted Thumb sized card reader. Users need to install this Free application on their Smartphone plus also require to plug provided Card reader to the device’s headset jack.

Users can accept payments by swiping cards in the card reader, scanning cards and checks using their phone cameras, or manually entering card information into the app. Users also allow to send invoice and set payments terms directly from the phone. Once transaction complete your funds will be transfer to your PayPal account.

And for each swipe PayPal Here charges 2.7 % on  cards while Check acceptance and mobile invoicing are free.

PayPal Here Accepts multiple payment types including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Checks or your PayPal online account. For now, PayPal Here is available for iOS 4.0 iPhone devices and Android version will be very soon available.

At this time ‘PayPal Here’ is only available to selected merchants in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia.  You can register yourself for Public release over here.