WWF: A new green file format

The World Wide Fund for Nature has introduced a new file format called WWF. The WWF format was developed to stop documents being printed out unnecessarily. It is intended to help create a new awareness about the use of paper, and will give each individual a way of actively contributing to reducing their environmental impact.


“ Every day, entire forests are cut down to make paper. Paper that’s senselessly used to print out documents all over the world: websites, emails, even entire books, in spite of the fact that it’s easy to avoid printing by saving the document as a PDF. But even PDFs can sometimes also be printed out. So to stop unnecessary printing and encourage a new awareness about the use of paper, we’ve developed a new, green file format: WWF. A format that can’t be printed out. A simple idea that saves trees. Join in. Decide for yourself which of your documents don’t need printing – and save them as WWF. “ – WWF Team

How it Works

  • You need a “Save As WWF” software  which can be download from SAVE AS WWF website.
  • The WWF software will install a “SAVE AS WWF” option in the print menu.
  • Just install the software, select this option and the document is saved in WWF format.
  • WWF documents can be opened with most programs that can open PDFs.