Windows Live Planet – A new Social Network from MSFT?

Today i come across through WindowsAndMe Newsletter.  Windows Live Planet is an online destination that allows you to Find a Match or even chat to your friends Online. Connect instantly – Find Friends & Make Friends the way you want.


Windows Live Planet is similar to all other Social network with nice interface plus great looks. A Windows Live Messenger is also Integrated for real time chatting. Build on your profile, add friends and you could name your Own Star and even have a complete Image Makeover.

Visit Windows Live Planet

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  • Gary

    awesome, i love it.. but its not a social network.. read about us..

  • Priya

    Yes I saw that too…. But didn’t come across to me as a Social Networking site, its very different fm plain jane orkut…. Also there are some amazing prizes to be own…, I hv alreadt built my profile..