How to Remove the Hidden Metadata from Word Document

Microsoft Word (.DOC) files contain lot of metadata with it, more than just text you see while editing them. Depending on the settings or features you use, they may contain all kinds of additional information that you may not want shared outside your home or company.


Metadata such as:

  • Author Name
  • Hidden Revision Logs
  • A Unique, Identifying GUID
  • Comments, Keywords, Subjects, and other properties
  • Recent Hyperlinks
  • Last Saved Date
  • Last Edited By Information
  • Last Printed Date
  • Revision Count
  • Total Editing Time
  • and more…

Doc Scrubber lets you see that information, and scrub it from files before sending them to others and can also produce an analysis of any Word document to show what metadata it contains.

note: Doc Scrubber does not currently support the new .DOCX format used by Word 2007/2008. However, this format also does not contain the same metadata as the old .DOC format.