Deskontop is a new type of virtual desktop manager with just one feature- access your desktop icons with just a single click. If you are working on a lot of windows, then minimizing the windows and accessing the desktop can be an interrupting task. Deskontop is here to remove that small interruption. This small software will sit in your system tray and will let you view your desktop files and icons regardless of which window is currently open.

The application will sit in the system tray as a small icon. Right Click on the icon will display a small window like a desktop displaying all your desktop files. Left click will display the desktop icons in an icon-driven view. A single click on the desktop file will launch it on top of the current screen saving you time of manually switching to desktop and opening it. This application doesn’t come with a lot of options. You can modify the size and of desktop icons in the virtual view and the wallpaper also.

Though it lacks a lot of features, it might still come handy to some people. The freeware is only 1 Mb in size and runs on Windows XP. It doesn’t work in Vista.