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You know the Google Doodle right? We are talking about the artistic, funny graffiti you see on the Google Logo on its homepage on special occasions, dates or even birthdays of famous personalities.

Ever wondered what goes behind the scenes and who designs those in the first place? Well, that’s not what we’re here for to discuss right now. Nevertheless, if we just pressed your curiosity button, you can read more on that here.

Google are now giving you a chance to design a doodle for Google, through Google 4 Doodle competition, Doodle 4 Google. If you are currently a student in any school in India (between the 1st and 10th standards), then this is your chance to have your doodle be displayed on the Google India homepage. The theme of this competition is ‘My India’. We’d love to see what your country means to you when represented in a doodle. Whether it’s music or dance, famous Indian art, Mahatma Gandhi, the Taj Mahal, cricket, our scientific achievements or the Indian people as a community- we’re interested in seeing these representations of what India means to you and how you represent it using images.

The best doodles will be voted on by a panel of judges as well as by the Indian public, and the winning doodle will be featured on the Google India homepage for a day, to be viewed by millions of people. The final winner will also win his or her very own laptop (and a technology grant for their school)!

Few Google Doodle are:

childrensday_big Solar_eclipse tagore09-big

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