How to Add your Blog Activities on Windows Live Account

Using your Windows Live Account, you can share information about your Web Activities within your Network. Lets your Network come to know about your Daily Blog Updates, your Tweets and lots more at one place.  If you add web activities to your profile, updates about them show up across the Windows Live in places such as a person’s profile and on their Windows Live Messenger and also on the home pages of other people in your network.

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To add a Web activities:

  • Visit and sign in with your Windows Live ID
  • Click on Add Web Activities

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  • Click on Custom Blog to add an RSS or ATOM feed for a blog to your profile.
  • Enter  your Blog URL in provided field

    16-04-2009 20-31-42 

  • If you don’t want updates about this activity to appear in What’s new lists, uncheck the box. Click on Share with, to choose who can see your updates.
  • Click Add. ( Now your Network can see your updates)

* You can also add Activities like Twitter, Photobucket, Stumble upon, Flixster, Flickr etc…

To add them :

  • Click on Add, under the web activity to want to add
  • Type your username or login details for the web activity.
  • Click on Add