How to Download Microsoft TechNet Library and read offline

Today I came across Software called Package This.  Package this helps you to download and read TechNet or MSDN library content offline, so there is no need for connecting to the Internet for result.

Package This is a GUI tool written in C# for creating help files (.chm and .hxs) from the content obtained from the MSDN Library or the TechNet Library via the MSDN Content Service. You select the content you want from the table of contents, build a help file, and use the content offline. You are making personalized ebooks of MSDN or TechNet content. Both help file formats also give full text search and keyword search.

The code illustrates how to use the MSDN Content Service to retrieve documentation from MSDN or TechNet. It also shows how to build .hxs files and .chm files programmatically.

Package This requires .NET 2.0, the .hxs SDK (MSHelp 2.0), part of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, and the .chm SDK (HTML Help). If you just want to create .chm files, you don’t need to download the .hxs components (and vice versa).

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