Windows 7 Theme for Vista


So wait is over. Windows 7 Pre-Beta 6801 is belongs to us, but I’m still sticky with Windows Vista and created Windows 7 Theme for Windows Vista. Basically the theme is based on the Windows 7 that demonstrated at PDC’08
The theme packed with wallpaper with different resolutions.


Windows 7 orb.
Fully-transparent Visual Style when maximized with black color of Title bar.
Left pane with blue n green gradient effect similar to Windows 7.
Windows 7 looks like Shell style.
Taskbar changed similar to Windows 7 Super bar.
Some resource changed.

 How to apply:

Use Code Gazer’s Vista Glazz to patch Uxtheme
(VistaGlazz 1.1 works with Vista SP1. This version should be able to fix 32bit SP1 systems that have been patched with the old VistaGlazz.)
The theme is packed as executable, so just install it and choose your resolution to set the theme.

Thanks to Ramesh for sharing and Thanks to Mr. Ganesh Narayan, for this theme our repected member of

Download: Windows 7 theme for Windows Vista