Google makeover IPhone Search app for faster result and beautiful image search

Google has updated its Search app to 2.0  for IPhone, delivering faster search result and good looking image search with completely redesigned Interface.

Google search result Iphone

In this latest update Google has improved the Auto-completion of search suggestion features. Search prediction will be popping out instantly with each letter you type. You can navigate back and forth, switch between multiple search results with slide-in panel. And also you can change the search modes like Everything, Images, Places, videos using the swipeable menu at the bottom.

Google search result Iphone

The Image search result is also redesigned. Images results are structured using beautiful grids,  tap on the single image to get the details or tap and hold the image to save it to your IPhone.

Google has has placed all its services like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Plus etc. in one place. You can choose to browse Google web apps, or see just the apps that you have on your phone.

Download the Google Search App for IPhone