Google Earth for Android and iOS updated to v6.2

Google Inc. has updated their popular virtual Earth explorer product Google Earth to version 6.2 for Android and iOS users.  Google Earth 6.2 updates includes  supports for KMLs, Google Earth Gallery, Google+ integration and few basic improvements in navigation.


With its supports for KMLs in Google Earth 6.2 for mobile, users can easily pinpoint locations add image overlays and expose to custom map.

In this release Google has added Google Earth Gallery features to mobile app which allows to explore the world’s best map, real time Earthquake activities map, or any sports tournament maps within Earth browser .

For Android users, Google has added capability to share their maps or screenshots with Google + or Gmail users or to any other applications among your friends and family.

Google Earth v6.2 for Android users is now available at Google play and for iOs users, it will be available very soon in App Store.

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Source: Google