Updating your status on Twitter or Facebook may land you in jail

Be very careful, while updating your status on facebook, twitter or ant other social networking, coz your innocent updates may land you in jail.  Yes, You just might, say cyber lawyers, as status messages and tweets are admissible as electronic evidence under Indian IT laws.


Within a few months, a dozen of celebs has joined twitter and some of them leads to the controversies over the web

However, for the common Tweeter or Facebooker, daily updates about what’s on his or her mind may lead to robberies, thefts, arrests, break-ups and of course a divorce, suggest statistics.

About 20 % of all divorce petitions (UK) it is handling currently contain references to Facebook status messages.

“One can also take a print out or screenshot of a Twitter or Facebook post and can use it in any court proceedings either against or for you. Cases where social interactions on internet are used as evidence will only rise in the near future in India,” says cyber lawyer Pavan Duggal.

“The social networking sites hosting such content are not liable to penal action under the recent amendments to Section 79 of the Indian IT Act notified in October, last year,” says Vivek Sood, a Delhi-based cyber lawyer.


Via Economic Times