Download FBM – messenger for Facebook user

Chatting with your facebook friend using facebook tiny chat windows is sometimes difficult. Now, Facebook user can use a Instant client messenger called FBM that allows you to start a conversation with your facebook friends one to one chat or group chat or instant chat groups.

Facebook Messsenger

Update your "Status" from FBM, and keep updated with all your facebook friends. Using FBM you can also view your friends’ albums right from your desktop using FBM’s Photo Albums Viewer.


FBM is cross platform it will run on Windows (xp, Vista, Win7), Mac OSX, Linux.

FBM supports three visibility states: Only Friends: This state allows only your friends to see that you are online. Public: This state allows all people on FBM with their visibility state as "Public" to chat Invisible: Let’s you see who is online without them seeing you


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