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Most of us addicted Net user’s don’t watch TV, read Newspaper, Listen FM but then also we are connected to world trough Internet by using our Online Service Stuff network. We are connected with networks like yahoo, msn, you tube and other info site for news and entertainment. Besides this we can enjoy our daily newspaper online too through ePaper services.

ePaper is the new way to read and experience your favourite Printed publication Online – from anywhere in the world over a simple browser.You can now access all the city editions of the Newspaper like Times of India, Mid-Day, The Hindustan Times etc.

Some of this services provides additional features like :

  • Search, e-mail and print articles, ads and pictures of interest, add them to your collections for anytime viewing and explore the synergy of Interactive and Static content in the best possible form.
  • Access to the previous editions
  • Download the entire edition in PDF format for leisurely reading at your own pace.
  • Personalise your newspaper by automatically highlighting items that interest you.
  • Define your personal display settings.

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Note* e-Paper utilizes performance options according to the connection speed that you are using to connect to the Internet.