Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard

SideWinder is back! And boy, oh, boy Microsoft has certainly done their home work this time. Armed with its legendary name, enthusiast and hard core gamers are certainly in for a treat this time with the SideWinder X6 gaming keyboard.
Previously we just had joysticks, joypads and gaming wheels under the SideWinder banner until it faded away and was never heard of again. Then came the Reclusa gaming keyboard, which borrowed some of the technology from Razer, but didn’t do really well.

And now finally we have a gaming keyboard worthy of standing up against Logitech’s G15, which has been a long time favorite with enthusiasts. This baby has everything you can ask for – backlit keys, programmable macro buttons (including a nice surprise), large palm rest and most importantly, looks to die for. So then let’s unbox this one and see how it performs.

Review by : Techtree