Introducing the MeshMobile…

The MeshMobile is the latest addition to my device mesh – enabling my car to be always connected to the rest of my PCs, Macs, Media Centers, and mobile phones.  It is essentially a carputer running an instance of the Live Operating Environment, and software which uses Live Framework to enable the car to become an integral part of the mesh.

The MeshMobile took about a month of hardware/software design… and about 3 weeks of fabrication and installation.  In a nutshell, it’s a miniPC platform, running Vista as the base OS, Live Operating Environment, Centrafuse shell with some custom extensions to plug-in Mesh functionality.  Of course, the ultimate carputer is part of the ultimate pure bread of air-cooled engineering marvels… the 993 Turbo.

So, what can it do (besides going from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds)… the MeshMobile essentially has completed access to all Live Operating Environment functionality, including access to services such as identity, synchronization, peer-to-peer, mesh applications, etc.  Using these…

  • The MeshMobile automatically synchronizes multiple data types such as music, videos, and pictures within the mesh.  For example, when I add a new music album to my collection at home, the next time I hop in the car that album is automatically synchronized locally to the vehicle and is available within the car’s music collection.
  • The MeshMobile automatically reports its location into a Live Folder within the mesh.  Every few seconds a set of GPS coordinates (with their Virtual Earth link) are dropped into a Live Folder which is then shared with a select group of folks who can view the vehicle’s location at any point.
  • The MeshMobile web browser synchronizes its Favorites links with the rest of the devices in the mesh.
  • It can log all relevant activity in the vehicle and synchronize across the rest of the devices in the mesh.
  • It can send out notifications with mesh News, SMS messages, etc.
  • Has complete phone/address-book integration.
  • Also working on integrating its night-vision camera, and ODB-II diagnostics in the next rev.
  • … and lots more.

Check out the Channel 9 video for more info:

Source : MSDN Blogs ( ori amiga’s blog )