What is WGA and OGA?


WGA stands for Windows Genuine Advantage. Microsoft Genuine Advantage programs help you to determine whether your software is original or not. The program is part of Microsoft’s initiative directed at combating software piracy. You can use the details below to explain to customers what is WGA, and also point them to the AskforOriginal.com Website for all the special offers as part of WGA.

Microsoft makes it easy to help you to determine if your Microsoft software is original through product activation and validation.

What’s Activation?

Activation is an anti-piracy technology designed to make sure that your copy of Microsoft software is properly licensed. It works by verifying that the product key is valid and is only being used on the number of computers permitted by the software license.


What’s Validation?

Validation is a quick process that allows you to find out if the product key you activated is counterfeit or has been misused. For example, you may have accidentally received a product key that was reported as lost or stolen by its original owner. Sometimes, during a repair or reinstall, an invalid product key is used if the original product key is not handy.


Benefits of Validation

Validating your Microsoft software allows you access to the latest features, updates, and support, which will help you get the most from your Windows and Office experience. If your copy does not pass activation or validation, Microsoft can help you by offering a detailed description of the cause of the problem and by giving you the opportunity to easily fix it online.


How to Validate

You can also validate Windows online, without installing a software on your desktop, by visiting this link. When you open the link for the first time, you will be asked to install an ActiveX control from Microsoft that works with Internet Explorer. The validation will be immediate and you will not be asked to install any other software.