Change Windows Save/Open dialogs with PlacesBar Editor

Whenever you open the Open/Save dialog box in Windows or in Microsoft Office, you will notice 5 buttons on the left hand side. PlacesBar editor is a small utility which allows you to modify these buttons.

Just open the utility and select the folders which you would like to use instead of the default ones and choose save. You can also use it to add 5 more buttons to Microsoft Office PlacesBar.

If you want your old settings back, you can always do so by using the ‘default’ button. There are other ways to do it too by modifying the registry but PlacesBar makes it much easier.


  • Windows 2000/XP/ME/Vista
  • Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003/2007

Why use PlacesBar Editor?

  • Prevents errors editing the registry
  • Convenient to edit all places in one application rather than digging through the registry
  • Increases productivity allowing you to put often used folders on the places bar
  • Simple user interface allows customization of 5 Windows places and 10 Office places
  • Only one EXE roughly 900K in size
  • Compatible with Vista User Access Control and asks for Administrative permission