Google Brings PC to TV

Google has launched the Google Media Server gadget to bridge the gap between the PC and the TV. It is a Windows-only gadget that runs on a PC with Google Desktop version 5 or later installed. It offers sharing and streaming of multimedia files across devices, and is based on universal plug-n-play technology.

You can send videos, photos, and music to Digital Living Network Alliance-certified UPnP hardware such as gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and digital photo frames, either from a computer or data stored online. The devices need authorization from Google’s app to access files located on the computer or online. Google uses IP/Mac-based lock specifications to avoid any UPnP-based attacks on the devices. There’s also the option to allow access to any device.

Google also provides access support to its online media services: Picasa Web Albums and YouTube videos (using H.264 instead of Flash video). Thus, photos and videos located online can be streamed as well.

Google Media Server is Google’s latest attempt to conquer people’s living rooms by roping together disparate consumer electronics devices.

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