Bye Bye Microsoft Windows XP

June 30th has arrived and it’s time to bid adieu to Microsoft’s very popular Windows XP operating system (OS).

Despite umpteen protests from fans of the OS who’re reluctant to switch over to its successor Vista, there isn’t much that can be done to now save XP. Microsoft will stop selling the OS to retailers and major computer makers like Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. It may not become extinct — not just yet; stores and PC makers tend to work through their stocks. But the day the stocks are rid of computers loaded with XP, die-hard fans will have to live with buying Vista Ultimate or Vista Business and then (if they want to) legally ‘downgrade’ to their favorite system. Sad, isn’t it?

Yes, ultra-low-cost PCs with limited hardware will continue to have a version of XP until Jan next year. Also sundry PC shops might continue to buy and resell XP — again, through the end of Jan next year. Microsoft even announced full technical support for the system through 2009 and limited support through April 2014. But that is that.

Nothing like what Steve Ballmer promised a few months ago: if fans so desire, XP will continue beyond June 30. Groups of fans who’ve been very vocal about their support for XP even started a “Save XP” petition on the Internet. They insisted Microsoft keep selling XP till the release of Windows 7 expected sometime in 2009. Alas, in vain!

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