Send Unlimited Free SMS

Using Orkut you can now send Unlimited Free SMS in India. Orkut has introduced a newly app called SMS Me. This app is simply wow; it allows me to send unlimited scraps to any mobile number in India. What’s more could one want? Ok, I agree you! There are many such sites which give the same service but feeling the usability and complexity, I feel SMS Me just like using my own mobile. Upon adding this app, it has an interface in which you can recognize other SMS Me users with your friends’ database and display their profile with link to SMS them.

SMS Me has 5 tabs that include the home, friends, anyone, Inbox and Invite friends. Let’s have an overview about the features. If your friend is not using SMS Me, it prompts him via scrap to install that application. SMS Anyone allows sending free sms to any mobile number in your country. I wanted to highlight the point unlimited stating that other services have some restrictions while this app can simply be used to bug someone easily.

SMS Anyone section has two fields for Mobile number and the message to be sent. Like an ordinary SMS, there’s a limitation of 118 characters per message. Once u send a message from this app, your friend will receive a SMS from MyCantos masking their destination number with a signature for each message like “Sent by yourmobnumber from