Skype added full screen support for iPhone 5 devices

Microsoft releases an update to it’s newly owned Skype  application for iPhone 5. Skype for iPhone 4.1.2 application comes with few improvements plus added supports for full screen to iPhone 5 devices.

Skype Screenshots

Earlier introduced Apple’s iPhone 5 was designed with 4 inch display. However, Skype user on iPhone 5 were not able to use full screen video calling feature. To compete with this screen compatibility issue,  Skype team comes up with this update the Skype App 4.1.2 for iPhone 5. by Installing this update, Skype user will be able to enjoy full screen Skype calling on the iPhone 5 devices.

Jonathan Watson, Product Marketing Manager at Skype said in a blogpost, “We’ve seen your tweets, comments and app store reviews requesting screen compatibility with the iPhone 5, and we’ve addressed your requests. Today we have released a hotfix for Skype for iPhone; now you can enjoy Skype calling on the iPhone 5 in full screen glory! ”

Download Skype 4.1.2 for iPhone 5