Download Hotmail App for Kindle Fire and Android

Recently, Hotmail team has officially announced the availability of Windows Live Hotmail App for Kindle Fire. Now Hotmail users are free to run services on any devices they choose whether its Windows PC, Androids or Kindle Fire.

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David Law, Director Hotmail Product Management said, “We think it’s critical that our customers can use Hotmail from any device they choose. So, in addition to making Hotmail work great on devices running Windows, we’ll continue to invest in great experiences on other major device platforms.” 

Previously released iOS5 and Hotmail application for Android has made it even easier to use Hotmail on those devices, and the result has been over 12 million active Hotmail users on iOS and over 3 million active users of our Android application.


Newly launched Hotmail Kindle Fire app possessed with several advantages over native Kindle Fire mail application. You may simply downloads your mail via POP3, with the new Hotmail app you can sync all your mail, contacts, folders, and subfolders via the more robust Exchange Active Sync protocol.

Hotmail app is now available Kindle Fire and Android, you can download it from below links.

Download: Hotmail Application for Android | Hotmail Application for Kindle Fire