Epson introduces world’s first HTPS 3D Projection Panels

Epson Corporation today introduces World’s first 3D High Temperature polysilicon (“HTPS”) TFT liquid crystal panels for 3D 3LCD projectors.

There will be two Transmissive HTPS panel type model L3C07U-95G00 and L3C06U-A5G00 with panel size 0.74 inch (1.87 cm) and 0.61 inch (1.54 cm). Both these model uses ‘Bright 3D Drive’ technology that brightens 3D images by doubling the image refresh rate from 240 Hz to 480 Hz. The fast 480 Hz refresh rate produces a bright 3D display at least 1.5 times that of a display refreshed at 240 Hz.


Nobuyuki Shimotome, Chief Operating Officer, TFT Operations Division, Epson, said,”While the expansion of the 3LCD projector market has been driven primarily by business demand, today we see an increasing appetite for home cinema projectors capable of delivering stunning, bright 2D and 3D images. With our new technology, we are confident that we will be able to meet that demand.”

These technology in a new range of 3D HTPS panels currently in volume production.