Wonder reader 2.0 for Windows Phone Mango now available

Wonder reader 2.0, well liked Windows Phone RSS reader is now available on Windows Phone Marketplace.


The update is compatible with Windows Phone Mango(7.5) with following features:

  • Live tile, finally! An unread count (up to 1000) now appears on the front of the tile, plus the latest headline and image (if available) on the back of the tile. Updates every 30 minutes or so via a background agent.
  • Pin feeds and categories as additional live tiles. You can add more live tiles to the Windows Phone Start Screen for your frequently viewed feeds and categories. Each tile is like its own news reader! (Paid version only)
  • Fast app switching. Now supports Mango fast app switching for instant resume.
  • Share articles on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live, and LinkedIn. You can now share on any social network account you’ve set up on your phone

This update is free for all  user of Wonder Reader 1.16 or earlier, but you must be running Windows Phone Mango (betas included).

Wonder Reader is a top-selling Google Reader app for Windows Phone 7. Quickly swipe and tap your way though your feeds — there’s no better way to stay connected while you’re away from your PC!

The fully functional trial version is available on Marketplace Get Wonder Reader here! (opens in Zune).

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