Sony Ericsson A8i, the first handset to support the TD-SCDMA

The Sony Ericsson A8i, the first handset to support the TD-SCDMA network was developed in alliance with China Mobile explicitly for the Chinese arcade and which runs on the operator’s OMS 2.0 smart phone platform.

Sony Ericsson has revealed that it is establishing its assortment in China by launching its first smartphone to support China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA network- the Sony Ericsson A8i.


Bert Nordberg, President & CEO, Sony Ericsson said, “China is a hugely important market for Sony Ericsson and we are committed to maintaining our strong position and driving growth by continually introducing new and exciting products into this market.  Today cements that commitment and we are honored to introduce the Sony Ericsson A8i to users across China – enhancing to our already award winning* product line up in the region.”
“The Sony Ericsson A8i underpins our commitment to delivering the most entertaining smart phones. By combining the best communication and entertainment experiences on an open platform we are giving our customers the best possible consumer experience.”

Huidi Li, Assistant President, China Mobile said, “Demand for Smartphone is on the rise, and our customer’s are continually asking us to provide them with innovative, feature-rich products.  Working closely with a partner such as Sony Ericsson, allows us to not only meet that need, but go one step further and deliver product and services that enhance overall user experience.  The Sony Ericsson A8i is testament to the combined expertise of both companies and the first of its kind to support our TD-SCDMA network. We are proud to be adding this new product into our product portfolio.”

The Sony Ericsson A8i merges a 3.5" touch widescreen with CMMB mobile TV functionality to deliver an amazing high definition visual effects.

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