New Version of Nokia Ovi Suite has been released

Yesterday Nokia has released the new version of Nokia Ovi Suite. In this version, Nokia team has focused on improving improving the stability and performance of Nokia Ovi Suite.

Nokia Ovi Suite is the next generation computer software that will replace Nokia PC Suite. Nokia Ovi Suite connects your computer, phone, and online services. Use Nokia Ovi Suite to sync your phone content, share your photos and videos, transfer music, download free maps to your phone, and more. Both Nokia PC Suite and Nokia Ovi Suite can be installed on the same computer, however they should not be used simultaneously. Note that latest Nokia phones are supported only by Nokia Ovi Suite.

“It is important that the application is reliable, runs smoothly and works flawlessly before we can concentrate on polishing its features or on fixing minor issues. Presently, we are fully committed to creating a strong, stable foundation for our product so that we can then go on to build its functionality and features to meet your needs even better.” said Anu Koskinen, Nokia Ovi Suite team.


What’s New in Nokia Ovi Suite:

  • Nokia Ovi Suite now supports syncing contacts with Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1
  • Improvement in Video Playback
  • Reliability of downloading maps onto your phone has been upped
  • Problems that some users of Microsoft Outlook 2010 have run across have been fixed
  • Nokia Ovi Suite 2.2 supports an ever-increasing number of Nokia phones, Nokia N900 for instance
  • Updated operator information to help you connect your PC to the internet with the help of your phone

You can either download this free software at, or – if you currently have Nokia Ovi Suite installed – update the software by selecting Tools > Software updates in the menu bar. As Nokia Ovi Suite lets you know when an update is available, some of you may already have received the update notification and downloaded Nokia Ovi Suite