How to Edit post that are already Posted on Blog Using Windows Live Writer

Using Windows Live Writer beta, you can access all your Post / Pages that are already posted on your Windows Live Spaces or other services like WordPress, Blogger etc..

Let’s see How it works

  1. Download and Install Windows Live Wave 4 beta or higher version if any
  2. Start Windows Live Writer ( Start –> All Programs –> Windows Live –> Windows Live Writer )
  3. To Import your post, click on File Menu then click Open


  4. A Window will be Appear, listing all your Blog Account. Click on the Blog that contains post you want to import or edit.
  5. Enter your credentials to login, If asked
  6. After that, Windows Live Writer will retrieve all your Post and Pages from that particular Blog.


  7. Use Search field to search your Post / Pages, if required
  8. Click on the post you want to edit then click OK .
  9. That’s all ! Now Edit your Post / page and publish it.