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This Saturday, 19th December 2009; we will conduct our regular user group meeting for 3 hours. We are having Gaurav Dharsania who will be conducting session on “Blackberry”. There is lot to learn in this informative session. It is not only about the device but also about the messaging and communication and the power of mobility hidden what an IT Professional can do. Details are as below:-

Date: 19th Dec, 2009
Time: 3 pm – 6 pm
Venue: Microsoft Corporation
Training Room: Juniper and Oak

What will be covered?

  • Introduction To BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software Architecture
  • Overview
  • Introduction to the BlackBerry Wireless Architecture
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software Architecture
  • Establishing a connection – Handheld to BES
  • Overview of the encryption process
  • Establishing a new users identity
  • Wireless Enterprise Activation
  • Installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange
  • Overview of Architecture
  • Pre-requisites for Install
  • Deciding on the best deployment options for your organisation
  • Firewall configuration
  • Installation procedure
  • Configuring an external SQL Server
  • Configuring BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Enterprise wide configuration
  • Configuring individual BES servers
  • Configuring individual or groups of users
  • Creating global filters
  • Configuring PIM synchronisation properties
  • Configuring email options
  • Wireless PIM synchronisation
  • Configure user properties
  • Firewall configuration
  • Installing a stand-alone router service
  • Configuring BES to use the new router service
  • Configuring BlackBerry Attachment Service
  • Performance considerations
  • Installing a stand-alone attachment server
  • Configuring BES to use the new attachment server
  • Configuring the attachment server properties for optimum performance
  • Troubleshooting rendering issues using the test rendering process
  • Supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Message flow
  • Troubleshoot messaging issues with BlackBerry Enterprise Server logs
  • Troubleshooting PIM synchronisation
  • Using IT Policies
  • Securing Handheld devices
  • Setting Owner Information
  • Controlling Handheld Services
  • Preventing Carrier WAP browsing
  • Using the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service*
  • Overview of BlackBerry MDS
  • What you can access wirelessly
  • Enabling the BlackBerry Mobile Data Service Push Server
  • Configuring BlackBerry Mobile Data Service properties

Please note that this session is open for all and hence you can also invite your friends, colleagues, relatives, or any one you know who is an IT Professional and will be interested in this session.

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