Download Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.0 for Windows 7

Recently, The Windows Club has released , Ultimate Windows Tweaker v2.0, available for download. It is a freeware Tweak UI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows 7 & Windows Vista, all editions. You can simply download and use as a portable application. With judicious tweaking, it makes your system faster, more stable, and more secure with just a few mouse clicks.

It is a 345KB executable, that doesn’t require installation and can be carried out in USB removable device/pen drive. This time, it covers more than 150 tweaks and settings.

Change log:

# Support Windows 7
# Display tweak and settings according to Windows version.
# Revamped UI similar to Windows 7/Vista UI controls
# IMPROVED: Optimize services, enable/disable services and start/stop as well instantly
# FIXED: Apply button is activated only and only, when changes are done.
# FIXED: Left pane overlapped far left controls with higher DPI setting
# FIXED: Ultimate Windows Tweaker is crashed every time on 64 bit Windows OS, when Apply button clicked
# FIXED: Hangs when external commands are executed like Reset IE, Launch System Properties etc.
# FIXED: Crashing on System Performance page, on Windows 7/Vista non-English editions.

– On System Information page
  + Version with build no (removed in Beta build)
  + System Rating
  + Computer description

– On Personalization page
  + Disable Aero shake
  + Disable Aero Snap
  + Enable Jump list and nos. of jump list items
  + Sorted Start menu with all Windows 7 items
  + Bing Search replaced Live Search in Custom Start Search
  + Use large icons on Taskbar
  + Disable Aero Peek preview
  + Group when Taskbar full is added

– User Accounts & UAC
  + Welcome screen text and buttons’ effects
  + Set custom background on Welcome screen (OEM Background)

– System Performance page
  + Track bars’ Tooltip shows actual value in milliseconds
  + Improved "Menu action"
  + Improved "Enable support for 4GB of RAM on 32bit Windows"
  + Disable Windows Security Center service

– Security Settings
  + Disable System Restore settings
  + Disable Change Color and Appearance
  + Disable to skip starting programs by pressing Shift key

– Internet Explorer
  + Reset IE to factory default button added
-Additional Tweaks
  + Disable Windows Startup sound
  + Disable page file (Virtual Memory)
  + Enable Large System cache
  + Delete page file during shutdown process