Some Searching Tips for Microsoft Bing Search

If you are looking for something in less time, then I am sure that following searching tips will help you. Use the following symbols to quickly modify your search term or search function.



  1. Using “ + “ symbol

    Using “ +” symbol you can finds webpages that contain all the terms that are preceded by the + symbol. Also allows you to include terms that are usually ignored.
    for example:
    If you search for Microsoft, you will find all result related to Microsoft. But if you add TechSurface after “+” symbol, you will get all results related to “Microsoft with TechSurface

  2. Using “ “ symbol

    Using “” this symbol you can finds the exact words in a phrase.
    for example:
    If you search for, you will find all result related to TechSurface or But if you search for “” with quotation mark , then results will be related to only

  3. Using AND or & symbol

    Using AND or & symbol, you can find webpages that contain all the terms or phrases.
    for example:
    If you search for “Microsoft AND TechSurface” , you will get result for both terms Microsoft as well as TechSurface.

  4. Using NOT symbol
    Using NOT symbol you can excludes webpages that contain a term or phrase.
    for example:
    If you search for “Microsoft NOT Windows” , then all results will be related to Microsoft excluding Microsoft Windows.


  • By default, all searches are AND (A search keyword that you can use to find results that contain all the search terms you specify.) searches
  • You must capitalize the NOT and AND operators.