Disaster proof External HDD : ioSafe solo

It was a 6 month ago that i had lost my 500 GB Internal HDD containing other important document as it was fallen down just from 2 feet. The height was small but the result was a big Disaster in my life.

A very few days ago i came to know about ioSafe Solo HDD. I have read several reviews and when everything was not clear to me, i watched a demonstration and it was unbelievable. I have found that ioSafe Solo HDD are designed to survive under 1,550 degrees F for 30 minutes, or up to three days in 10 feet of water. It was an effective demonstration. After several minutes of intense heat, the enclosure was glowing hot; once it was carefully unscrewed, and the additional wrapping surrounding the drive was cut away, the drive appeared to be completely unharmed — which was proved when it was hooked into a computer and still had all its files intact. To believe yourself checkout the below demonstration.


Another great part of the ioSafe is their insurance. If, for some reason, your hard drive suffers a disaster and doesn’t function afterwards, ioSafe will spend up to $1,000 to recover your data for you.

The ioSafe Solo is priced at $149 for 500GB, $199 for 1TB, and $299 for 1.5TB.

About ioSafe:

ioSafe designs and manufactures disaster proof hardware to protect digital assets, photos and video. Using its patented technologies, ioSafe offers a new breed of data storage systems and hard drives. Like an aircraft black box, ioSafe network storage, USB devices and internal hard drives provide complete protection for your personal and business data. Today, ioSafe offers fireproof hard drives that can survive floods at price points that everyone can afford.