Microsoft Office 2010 – The Movie

Microsoft Office 2010 The Movie, presented by Microsoft Office Studio in association with the Visionary creators of Office 2007 and 2003 ready to hit the Tester in July 2009.


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Actually it’s not going to be a movie, its a Promotional Video for Microsoft Office 2010 ( Twenty Ten ).  The video is available on Check out the video.

And also If you’re interested to be part of the testers that get the technical preview, you can sign up here on the waiting list.

The Microsoft Office 2010 wave of products boosts productivity by giving users a familiar experience across the PC, phone and browser. For IT professionals, Office 2010 will offer more choice and flexibility in how they buy and manage their IT assets, helping them reduce costs. For developers, it will provide a platform for building innovative, connected Office-related applications with greater ease.