Yahoo’s New Fire Eagle

Global internet giant, Yahoo, finally unveiled its new internet service, Fire Eagle, an open platform which allows users to store their current physical location in the world to the web and allows them to control or synchronize their location data with the application set up by them. Users can enjoy easy access and manage their location freely and efficiently.

Upon registration, users can enjoy a place in Fire Eagle to store and manage information about their location; at the same time developers can update or access this information based on the guidelines set. This open service allows networks to access the information so they can respond to users to locate required services or contacts.

Many web based applications are compatible with Fire Eagle. Users can update their location via the Fire Eagle web site or via other recommended connection applications, e.g. SMS. Users’ location will thence be shared. Users can enjoy the Fire Eagle service to automatically update their location on their Facebook or MySpace profile. They can also embed a badge on their website or blog to indicate their exact location. It’s pretty fun.

Read the official release by Yahoo and share with us your Fire Eagle experience.