Free Storage With AOL’s Xdrive (Online Storage Series)

So far we have taken a look at SkyDrive, Mozy, and ADrive for backup, storage, and sharing your data. Another popular option is AOL’s Xdrive. Like Microsoft’s SkyDrive you get 5GB of storage with Xdrive.

The latest feature to check out here is Xdrive Desktop Lite. This is still in Beta but it seems to offer a lot of coolness already, it uses Adobe AIR technology and makes transferring files easier.

Xdrive Desktop Lite gives you the power to easily manage and organize all of your documents, photos, music, videos and more in your personal online hard drive.

  • Set up new folders to organize those pictures of your kids and friends.
  • Make extra copies of those tax documents.
  • Upload your music files so they’re available to you from anywhere, no more CD cases.
Start by installing Adobe® AIR ™
Just click on the link to the right to begin installation. Follow the prompts to install or update Adobe® AIR ™ as well as Xdrive Desktop Lite.
Next, install Xdrive Desktop Lite
Launch it from your start menu or desktop icon.