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Our fully functional desktop environment promises extreme data integrity, so you can code on the edge and never compromise your work.

From dorm room to boardroom. OpenSolaris has everything you need to take your brilliant idea, build a prototype, test it, deploy it, and run it on production servers—out of a loft, or across your enterprise. And when your app goes viral, you won’t have to throw hardware at the problem, or switch to a different OS. OpenSolaris is industrial strength and built to scale from the get go.

The Live CD makes it simple to boot to a fully functional desktop environment, including Firefox and Thunderbird. Try it without fear — our instant rollback feature works like a giant undo button, so your system is always protected, and you’ll never lose work. And, you can load OpenSolaris 2008.05 easily in a variety of virtualization technologies including the open source VirtualBox hypervisor.

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