Integrating XP SP3

The merging of latest service packs to our XP Disc by the process is called Slipstreaming.

 What does slipstreaming means ?

1.       Slipstreaming is the technique for combining an installation CD like WindowsXp, with the latest Service Pack.
2.       Slipstreaming is the IT Departments secret weapon.
Why slipstreaming ???
1.      Unfortunately, updating to any service pack is a time consuming process, especially if you have more than one PC to upgrade.
2.      As usual, Microsoft has published the service pack in the form of a single downloadable file for IT professionals
3.      who need to apply it to multiple machines over a network.
4.      The idea of installing Windows XP first then painstakingly applying its latest service pack to each machine seems… unnecessary.
5.      For This Microsoft has included the ability to ‘slipstream’ the installation process.
6.       By Slipstreaming process, we can create New Bootable XP CD with latest Service Pack included. 
7.       Which contains all the original operating system files
8.       For slipstreaming the service Pack you have to Download latest service pack from or
Let’s slipstream our Downloaded Service Pack
·         First of all Copy your XP CD to “ c:\XPCD “
·         Click Start, and select Run.
·         Browse your downloaded Service Pack 3 (“ suppose we have downloaded SP3, I will call it XPSP3.exe “)

After browsing it, give a space and type 

   ” c:\XPSP3.exe -s:c:\XPCD “

 ·        Click OK.

      After extracting another box will display, showing updating your XP files

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