Feb 082013
NASA hosts its first Google+ Hangout connecting with Space Station

NASA lends unique opportunity for its social media followers to connect with astronauts on the ground and living and working aboard the laboratory orbiting 240 miles above Earth. On 22nd February, NASA will host its first Google+ Hangout live with the International Space Station from 11 a.m. to noon EST. Google+ Hangouts allow as many […]

Mar 162012
Accept credit card, Debit cards and checks anywhere with ‘PayPal Here’

Today at San Francisco, Pay Pal has announced ‘PayPal Here’, a solution for small business owner to accept payment almost in any form of payment. A free App with encrypted Thumb sized card reader could be used with iPhone or Android smartphone to accept Debit cards, Credit cards, check ,PayPal. How IT Works ‘PayPal Here’ […]

Mar 132012
Keep Breathing to power up your smartphone using AIRE MASK

As we know breathing can extend our life but now It can extend your smartphone’s life too.  Yeah, that’s true a newly proposed device AIRE  could use the power of your lungs to charge your smartphone or other devices. Red Dot design award winner AIRE, a concept designed by Joao Lammogila, uses the wind power […]

Feb 242012
Japanese Company to build Elevator to Space by 2050

Space Elevator, a concept that have been used for decades  by futurists and science-fiction movies/novels  going to be a reality. Today Tokyo based Obayashi Corp. has unveiled a project to build a giant like Space Elevator by 2050  that would carry the passengers  towards the sky to a station 36,000 kilometres above the earth. In […]

Feb 112012
China Space Agency released best Moon Map yet

On 6th Feb: China’s State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence has revealed miraculous detailed map of the Moon. The New Moon Map is constructed from many High resolution images snapped by China’s second lunar probe “The Chang’e 2 Orbiter”. These images were captured by Chang’e 2 during its primary mission between […]

Dec 302011
Helicopter-style drones with 1.8 gigapixel cameras being developed by US Army.

New Helicopter style drone with 1.8 Gigapixel colour camera are bieng developed by the United States Army to track and monitor activity on the ground report BBC. Drones will be equipped  with Autonomous Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System. In addtion to that, it will be based on 1.8 Gigapixel camera offering resolutions 900 times […]

Dec 282011
Loop mobile introduces an Auto tracking solutions for Rickshawale.com

Mumbai’s oldest GSM mobile service provider Loop Mobile has introduced a Auto-Rickshaw Tracking Solution for Rickshawale.com to provide safe, transparent and modern services to its client. Recently launched Rickshawale.com, is a 24 x 7 instant auto booking service for Mumbaikars. Rickshawale will be providing doorstep services for commuters  through a fleet of verified drivers who […]